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A new standard is on its way – the SC cylinder


During first and second quarter 2018 Stafsjö will introduce a new double-acting pneumatic cylinder manufactured by our collegues at Ebro Armaturen. It is a solid construction designed for tough knife gate applications available from 100 mm (4”) up to 320 mm (12.6”) bore diameter. The interface to valve adapter and gate clevis is the same as for the EC cylinder.


Do you need a reliable bi-directional tight shut-off valve for highly concentrated media and static media columns?


Stafsjö’s HG and high pressure version HX features excellent flow characteristics and offers a really safe and reliable bi-directional tight shut-off on highly concentrated media and static media columns. This shut-off performance makes them especially suitable for severe services including pulp stock (pulp concentration <18%), liquor, reject, powder, ash and highly concentrated slurry. Read more and check out the new video on


New Managing Director for expansive Stafsjö


Stafsjö is well positioned for growth. The company is fully focused on an expansive period with Maria Persson as the leader.  With years of experience as Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö, she now takes full leadership with a profound understanding of its strengths, capacity and capabilities.