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New Managing Director for expansive Stafsjö


Stafsjö is well positioned for growth. The company is fully focused on an expansive period with Maria Persson as the leader.  With years of experience as Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö, she now takes full leadership with a profound understanding of its strengths, capacity and capabilities.


Tough specification demands behind record-breaking valve


China is not only a huge and important market, it is also hold an industry requiring large components. Stafsjö were consulted with a challenge, which one solved and qualified Stafsjö into the group of suppliers to one of the world’s largest pulp and paper mills. “We are breaking new ground” says Stafsjö’s KAM Pulp and Paper in China Su Chuansheng.


A Stafsjö team hit the road for a maintenance job


Long life cycle service is achieved by high quality products and by correct performed maintenance. With original spare parts and Stafsjö know-how you can rely on the work and it will be professionally and cost-efficient performed, and on time.