Stafsjö close to attaining its 100 % on-time delivery vision

During the past 12 months, Stafsjö has focused on improving its delivery performance. Since the beginning of the year, 98 % of orders have been delivered on the confirmed date. We have set a new standard, says Maria Persson, Managing Director at Stafsjö. 

– The response from our customers has been fantastic. We do have a strong brand and recognized good products. We are associated with high quality. We want to continue to grow and realized it was necessary to improve our delivery performance to retain customers and win new ones. So we have focused on doing our very best to deliver every order on time, says Maria Persson.

The company experienced strong growth during 2018 mainly due to large projects at the end of the year. In 2019, Stafsjö have had a more versatile sales and it has been more evenly distributed over the year. During 2019 Stafsjö have focused on improving and securing the delivery precision. The manufacturing process plans are measured, not only at the end, but at all steps from placing purchasing orders for material, through on-time delivery of incoming material, machining, assembly and delivery to customer.

– We ensure now that each step of the way is following the plan. When one job commences on time, other consecutive jobs in the process are enabled to do the same. If we lose time in an earlier step we have to take measures to re-capture this in the later stages, says Maria.

Stafsjö has daily morning meetings with all functional managers and planners where the status for all work orders of previous day is reported as well as reasons for late orders along with suggested actions to recapture. By having all functions present fast decisions can be taken when the information is shared. Deviations to processes or material failures are also reported for short and long term corrective actions to continuously improve the operations and products.  

– We now have a completely different overview and focus. Every time our customers do business with Stafsjö they place their trust in us which we have to cherish and respond to. We want to secure and safeguard our customers production. We can do this by delivering on time at the agreed date, emphasizes Maria.

She already envisages the next steps and objectives that lie ahead. Namely, to refine and stabilize stages in the process and improve the efficiency and productivity. She recognises that many people within the organisation have made every effort to ensure this working method. During the next year reliability in delivery will become sustainable in the long run to ensure further growth and trust among the customers worldwide.

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