Knife gate valve SLH & SLX

Knife gate valve

High pressure push through slurry knife gate valves.

Available size range:

DN 80 - DN 450 (3” - 18”).

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About SLH & SLX

This is the push through slurry knife gate valve range for high pressure and demanding mineral processing applications. The SLH is designed to operate and provide a bi-directional tight seal up to 20 bar/290 psi while the SLX has the features for 50 bar/725 psi.

The SLH and SLX are modular designed and can easily be customized with actuators and related automation accessories to different process standards. They are also available with mechanical lock out. As standard, the SLH and SLX are supplied with a very robust and precision machined nodular iron valve body. The gate is supplied in strong duplex for the SLH and hard 17-4ph stainless steel for the SLX. Independent of material, the gates are special grinded and hard anti-stick coated with purpose of reducing the friction when they cycles through the valve’s rubber seats.

In addition to these slurry valves Stafsjö also offers the compact SLV up to DN 900/36″ and another wide body slurry valve, the SLF.

Download the product data sheet for additional technical information.


Shut-off technique



Valve seat material


Natural rubber

Connection type

Wafer/Semi lugged

Valve body material

Nodular iron




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