Original instructions​

Original instructions

Even though we come across knife gate valves that have been operating through decades, we recommend you to perform maintenance at regular intervals. This to ensure your knife gate valve will perform and seal tight – when you need it.

How often you need to perform maintenance depends on many factors such as cycling intervals, media characteristics, pressure and temperature. In general, the soft parts such as the box packing, guiding pads and seats are wear parts we recommend you to keep on stock to ensure you quickly can change them if it turns out to be needed. In heavy wear applications, it is also recommended to include gates or bare shaft valves to minimize the downtime.

In event of maintenance, please feel free to consult us and request your spare parts from “Original spare parts”. Maintenance instructions are available to download on this page.

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Maintenance video:
WB14E DN 80 - DN 300 (3"-12")

Original instructions​

Instruction video: Installing a pneumatic cylinder onto an installed Stafsjö KGV