About us

About Stafsjö

Stafsjö develop and manufacture high performance knife gate valves for reliable and long-lasting operation in demanding industrial processes throughout the world.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve manufacturing started already in 1928. With strong focus on customer satisfaction and process excellence the products have evolved throughout the years and new products have been developed to meet and exceed new challenging process conditions.

The company also offers aftersales support on all continents and automation solutions to meet customer standards across the world.

Stafsjö maintain development and manufacturing on the same location it all started in 1666, in Stavsjö Sweden. The owner Ebro Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH is headquarted in Hagen, Germany.

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First in knife gate solutions

Our vision

“First in knife gate solutions” is our vision. It describes our ambition to be the most efficient and productive knife gate supplier, the technology leader and the most preferred brand within selected industrial segments.

Long term partner

Long-term is a significant characteristic for Stafsjö. Our solutions are engineered and made to last. Nothing is left to chance. We also believe in close and open collaborations with customers, among colleagues, business partners and other stakeholders. We work hard to earn the trust. 

Make a difference

We have a strong devotion to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our customers depend on our products performance and reliability to enhance their productivity, efficiency and safety targets. The products we supply are developed and manufactured to perform and provide a reliable isolation or control when required.

Expect commitment

We are committed in each and every supply, day by day, year after year. First class product quality can be expected. Our commitment do not end when the products exit our facility. We are just as committed to serve our customer after the products have been in service for years or even decades.

Quick facts





Export share 2022

92,8 %

Product portfolio

Knife gate valves and related automation solutions

Size range

DN 50 - DN 1800 (2” to 72”)

Material selections

Nodular iron, Stainless steel, Duplex, SMO254, Titanium and Hastelloy

On time delivery performance 2021 / 2022 / 2023

96% / 80% / 96%

Our History

The story of Stafsjö begins already in 1666 when Gerdt Störning founded Stafsjö Bruk. It started with manufacturing of cannons, which lasted for almost 200 years. In 1928 the first knife gate valves were introduced and manfuctured by Stafsjö. This is the legacy and technology we will continue to push and bring into next century.