Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Knife gate valves used in breweries, starch processes, sugar refineries, processing of animal by-products, domestic and large scale industrial kitchen waste systems and by-products from food and beverage production are facing tough operating conditions and the valves have to comply with high quality standards.

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For food processing applications, Stafsjö is able to supply the MV, HG, XV knife gate valves in size range DN 50 – DN 500 (2” – 20”) with resilient parts approved according regulation EC 1935/2004.

The MV valve is widely used in food processing applications and related waste handling system, mostly because its long-term and reliable operation and isolation performance. A quick and easy maintenance further reduce total cost of ownership. The MV valve is also the preferred knife gate if the process media is dry powder or bulk. On wellboats the full bore and stainless steel WB14E offers a smooth flow path and bi-directional zero leakage isolation. Some wellboats also benefit from the MV knife gate valve’s isolation performance.

Independent of your location, our knife gate valve experts around the world can support you in projects or your daily operations.

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