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Stafsjö expand its offering with a service concept for maintenance shut-downs or with the repair of older knife gates in Stafsjö’s own workshop.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves got a proven track record worldwide for decades. Nothing is left to chance. The valves are manufactured to perform during long periods of time, but the process media is often very abrasive and tear on the valve components. It is important to maintain them on a regular basis to make sure they perform and provide a tight sealing in the long run. 

– It’s all about ensuring a reliable and predictable production at our customers. Our valves often represent a small component in a large hub of machine equipment, but it is extremely important our valves do their job when it is requirred to not affect production and related process equipment. Therefore, I’m very pleased beeing able to offer our customers not only new products but also service and maintenance work to uphold the Stafsjö valve performance in the long run, says Anders Johansson, Sales Director at Stafsjö.

Stafsjö Original is the benchmark for the service, which primarily target the Swedish market. First out was Domsjö in Örnsköldsvik in 2016, where four experienced assembly workers from Stafsjö refurbished 44 pcs HG valves during the autumn shutdown. Since then, the service concept has been established. Although it has been done modestly, Stafsjö has now visited several customers around the country for various service assignments. Valves taken out of service, nowdays regularly arrive to Stafsjö’s workshop for service and upgrading.

– I find great appreciation among our customers who have used our services so far. “Stafsjö Original” simply adds the little extra to it. And it feels really good to be able to deliver reliability throughout the products’ entire life cycle. Our highly skilled employees knows our products very well and we have a broad portfolio of adaptations at hand to meet customer-specific requirements and processes. It is also adds an extra dimension for our personnel who will come into the environment where our products operate and can, with their experience, serve the valves in the best way, says Andreas.

Please contact us at or +46 11 39 31 00 if you want to know how we can support your production unit.

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