Stafsjö enters into distributorship agreement with Everest Automation in Canada

Stafsjö plan to grow the knife gate valve sales to Canada and three strong market sectors: Pulp and Paper, Mining and Mineral processing and Water treatment. Stafsjö’s strategy is to achieve this together with their new distributor, Everest Automation who holds a strong market presence and a sales network spanning over this vast country for valves and automation.

While Canada is the world’s second largest nation after Russia, it is at the same time one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries with around 37 million inhabitants. The country has an enormous wealth of natural resources with huge forests, and vast mineral and gas deposits. Everest Automation maintains a strong position within the Pulp and Paper sector with customers and contacts from coast to coast, in all its’ provinces. Already well represented, the company believes that the addition of the valve manufacturer Stafsjö into its product portfolio will further drive growth.

– Operators in Canada are interested in seeing better products than those they currently work with. We can now offer long-lasting knife gate valves, well-designed down to finest detail. This is where we also become competitive in terms of price. The solutions and the quality of the products Stafsjö can offer is hard to find on the market, says Eric Maier, Co-President and VP Business Development.

Newsprint manufacturers have been forced to adapt as sales have disappeared in this sector, due to the decline in newsprint. At the same time, growth in e-commerce has taken cardboard manufacturers to new levels. This is where paper replaces plastic. Tissue and hygienic paper are also experiencing continued strong and increasing market demand. The mining industry has also experienced strong growth in those areas where operators have found iron ore, nickel, zinc, cobalt, aluminium, gold, silver, copper and the rare earth metal.

Many operators in Canada know Stafsjö. They know that the Swedish knife gate valve is a quality product, but at the same time not all have seen one in a production facility. For Eric Maier, this is not an obstacle, just a matter of attitude. He has an aggresive marketing strategy lined up and is optimistic about the future. Work with renewable fuels and the environmental awareness can open up completely new sectors and opportunities. In the near future, he believes that Stafsjö knife gate valves will be found in plants that produce lignin: a super-green fuel obtained from forest residues and side streams of the P&P industry that researchers in Canada are now studying. 

– One of our strengths is that we have been supplying knife gate solutions to process industries worldwide for decades. We have experienced products and feel a great sense of security in expanding our business further in Canada together with Everest Automation. They are very professional and just as committed as we are in growing our business in Canada, says Andreas Johansson, Sales Director at Stafsjö.

To achieve the ambition of taking market share, Everest Automation will reinforce Stafsjö with a strong local inventory to cover the demands within the target industrial market segments and appoint several product specialists and sales resources.

The agreement enters into force on 1 January 2021.

Contact information

Eric Maier
Co-President and VP Business Development

Everest Automation Inc.
2109 St-Regis Blvd, DDO, QC. H9B 2M9
Phone: +1 (514) 630 9290

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