Junc Trap JT

Junc Trap JT

A complete Junc Trap solution for reject separation.

Available size range:

DN 100 - DN 200 / 250x250 (4" - 8" / 10" x 10")

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About JT

This Junk Trap is a complete solution for tough abrasive reject separation, primarly for HD cleaners in recycled fibre lines. The JT is specially developed to minimize turbulence, erosive wear and build-up of solids and reject material.

The JT consist of the RKO knife gate valve on the inlet side, which has a circular inlet and a square outlet, the square JTV knife gate valve on the discharge side. Both valves are designed for tough operating conditions as standard with roboust valve bodies, high strength top works, hard chromed duplex gates and polyurethane seats to withstand the abrasive wear common in these type of applications. 

The reject tank enables different ways of operation depending on media and type of application. It is designed with two sight glasses for observation of the reject level in the tank. Water (flush/fill) and air bleed connections are located near the top of the tank and three connections are located near the lower end in order to prevent possible clogging and congestions in dead corners. 

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Shut-off technique


Valve seat material


Connection type

Fully lugged

Valve body material

Stainless steel



Pulp and Paper

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