Knife gate valve WB14

Knife gate valve

Bi-directional and fully lugged performance knife gate valve in nodular iron

Available size range:

DN 50 - DN 600 (2" - 24")

Product data sheet:

Knife gate valve WB14

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About WB14

Stafsjö’s WB14 knife gate valve offers superior flow characteristics and bi-directional zero leakage shut-off. It is suitable for fluids such as water, sludge and bio mass. Integrated flange gaskets simplify installation works and the fully lugged body makes it also suitable for dead-end services.

The WB14 valve is modular designed and it can easily be customized in materials, with actuators and related automation accessories to different process conditions. It is supplied with a robust one piece and fully lugged valve body in nodular iron up to DN 300 (12″) and from DN 350 (14″) it features a rigid two piece version. The WB14 sealing system assure a first rate sealing, both internal and external against surrounding environment.

Other WB versions are the semi lugged WB11 in DN 50 – DN 300 (2″ – 12″), WB in DN 350 – DN 1600 (14″ – 64″) and WB12 in DN 150 – DN 200 (6″ – 8″) which has a square fully flanged valve body. The WB14E is a high performance stainless steel version.

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Shut-off technique


Valve seat material




Connection type

Fully lugged

Valve body material

Nodular iron



Food and Beverage



Water treatment

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