Biogas production is an efficient way to dispose society’s waste and turning it into useful environmentally friendly products: biogas and biofertilizers.

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Knife gate solutions for biomass

Many organic materials are suitable as raw material for biogas, e.g. sludge from sewage treatment plants, food waste, manure, different bio materials from the agriculture and waste from the pulp and paper industry. There are many variations and the process equipment have to meet high standards.

Stafsjö have delivered thousands of valves to biomass processes. The WB range offers excellent flow characteristic while the MV offers a cutting edge design that can be useful on some difficult biomass.

In processes where the organic material are treated in high temperatures (so called thermal hydrolysis process), the most appropriate valve types are the MV-E or XV that offers wetted parts in stainless steel or duplex for high pressure in combination with high temperature.

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