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    Independent of dry solids or wet fluids…
    The MV valve’s ideal internal clearances lowers the friction
    and make it easy for the bevel edge gate to cut through
    and seal tight on media such as pulp stock, sludge, biomass,
    granulate and water. Do you want to try?
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    Optimize your process with
    the high performance WB14E
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    Over 100 years experience

    and more than a million reasons to trust us

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    High performance for all kinds of process conditions

    Explore the field of applications...

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    First in knife gate solutions

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A globally leading supplier of knife gate valves

We develop, manufacture and distribute high performance shut-off valves for pulp lines in pulp and paper mills, mineral processing and tailing systems in the mining industry, waste/effluent water/sludge handling for utilities and industries, ash handling at power stations and many others.

Stafsjö was founded in 1666 and the production started with cannons. It became a nearly 200 year long tradition. The production of valves started already in 1881 and the first knife gate valve were introduced in 1928 for the near-by pulp and paper industry. Leveraging on this long experience of tight shut-off valves for full flow applications we continue to focus our development team to push this technology as far as possible.