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Stafsjö expand in Australia, South and North America with the new WB14E

After extensive collection of customer input converted into product features by a dedicated engineering team with a strong focus on quality in every detail and later first rate manufacturing, the high performance WB14E knife gate valves are now on its way to the market. Stafsjö’s WB14E is a high performance shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics, offering bi-directional zero leakage shut-off up to 150 psi/10 bar up to 24” (DN 600). It is suitable for media such as pulp stock, chemicals, slurry, sludge, bio mass and water.

During the past years Stafsjö has invested significantly in development of new products in order to expand the business into new field of applications. A strong focus has also been to extend the product range and to customize solutions in order to meet new and challenging process demands from markets and applications Stafsjö historically has worked with for a long time, such as the pulp and paper segment.  The new WB14E knife gate valve will strengthen our position on some target markets, applications and helps us grow into new segments as well.

- We have seen a strong demand from especially the North American and Australian markets for WB14E – a high performance fully lugged shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics offering bi-directional tight shut-off. As one of the pioneers and still leading brand in knife gate solutions we wanted to strengthen our position on the target markets and further establish ourselves as a trusted partner to segments like pulp and paper, mining and mineral processing, water and waste water handling and power plus various other process industries with a need for a valve offering reliable and zero leakage shut-off. With over 100 years experience of valve manufacturing and more than a million valves installed worldwide we are confident this WB14E will also provide reliability to our customers process systems with a competitive cost of ownership, says Maria Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö.

For further technical information on the valve, please visit the WB14E product page here on where you will find all relevant documentation and the new video. 

For an enquiry please contact one of our sales partners around the world, available here… You are also welcome to contact us directly on or on +46 11 39 31 00.

Meet us on exhibitions 2016

Together with Ebro Armaturen and external sales partners we are present on exhibitions below. We look forward to seeing you!


IFH/Intherm 2016

05.04 - 08.04.2016
Nuremberg, Germany


Pumps & Valves 2016

20.04 - 21.04.2016
Antwerp, Belgium



19.04 - 21.04.2016
Nuremberg, Germany



25.04 - 29.04.2016
Santiago, Chile


Solids Russia

18.05 - 19.05.2016
St. Petersburg, Russia


International Wood Biorefining Week (International Pulp and Paper week)

24.05 - 26.05.2016
Stockholm, Sweden



30.05 - 03.06.2016
Munich, Germany


Pumps & Valves

01.06 - 04.06.2016
Bangkok, Thailand


Euro Mine Expo 

14.06 - 16.06.2016
Skellefteå, Sweden



06.09 - 09.09.2016
Hamburg, Germany



14.09 - 15.09.2016
Munich, Germany



26.09 - 28.09.2016
Las Vegas, USA



27.09. - 30.09.2016
Stuttgart, Germany



27.09 - 29.09.2016
Jönköping, Sweden


Tank Storage 2016

16.11 - 17.11.2016
Hamburg, Germany


Valve World

29.11. - 01.12.2016
Dusseldorf, Germany

Stafsjö 350 years – from royal cannons to a world leading knife gate valve manufacturer

It all started out with manufacturing of cannons and it became a nearly 200 year long tradition (1666-1859). Today Stafsjö is a globally leading supplier of knife gate solutions for shut-off and flow control within the process industry. We have over 1 million valves installed worldwide. Major players in pulp and paper, mining, power and water utilities depend our valve solutions reliability and performance every minute, every day, year after year.

Already in 1881 the first valve was manufactured at Stafsjö – a gate valve. The manufacturing of knife gate valves started in 1928 in close co-operation with the near-by pulp and paper mills. The first knife gate valve came with a bottom pocket (draining pocket) and pretty soon thereafter a model came without bottom pocket. The name for these valves was Pulp Valve and they were available in sizes DN 80 up to DN 500. A control valve was also developed.

During the first manufacturing years the valve came in cast iron. In mid 1930’s, valve parts such as valve body, gate and gland were available in acid-proof metal (bronze). On request, valves in acid-proof steel were also available.

Leveraging on this long experience of tight shut-off valves for full flow applications we continue to focus our development team to push this technology as far as possible. And through our sister company Ebro Armaturen and external sales partners, we are able to provide fast deliveries, high quality service and support to local markets worldwide.

Further information
Please feel free to contact Stafsjö on or on +46 11 39 31 00. 

HG DN 1200 (48") duplex version – ready for delivery

This HG version in duplex will be used by one of Stafsjö's Pulp and Paper customer in South Africa for pulp tower isolation. The weight is approximately 4 900 kg.

The HG valve is a trusted and widely used valve for pulp tower isolation. It has excellent flow characteristics and it is able to shut-off and seal tight on really high pulp concentrations. This version up to 6 bar (87 psi). 

Further information on the HG valve is available here...

HX PN20 rated DN 800 (32")

Today the HX DN 800 (32") became ready for delivery to one of Stafsjö's Pulp and Paper customer in Asia. It is a heavy one, approximately 2 700 kg.

Stafsjö’s HX knife gate valve is a high pressure shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics, offering bi-directional zero leakage shut-off up to 20 bar (290 psi). It is supplied with an o-ported through-going gate which makes it suitable and very reliable in applications with high pulp concentrations. 

Further information on the valve is available here…


Experience how we contribute to cleaner water

At the new Pålslund wastewater treatment plant in Värnamo municipality, Sweden, the knife gate valve WB14 are used to shut-off and to keep tight during long periods of time. No less than 230 pcs have been installed.

Now you can experience the shut-off performance online on

Stafsjö invest in increased capacity

Stafsjö, a company in the German Bröer Group, has recently made substantial investments to increase capacity and raise production efficiency. The investment, that amounts to 2,3 M EUR, includes among others two new multi-operation machines, three new assembly and pressure testing lines and a new testing facility for product development and R&D.

– Now we have the opportunity to increase our capacity, to be even more flexible than we are today and above all to meet the increasing demand of our products. This and other investments during the past years, clearly states that our owner, the German family owned company Bröer Group, truly believe in our strategy and on a long-term ownership, says Thomas Carlson President/CEO at Stafsjö.

The investment in the two new machining centers is only one in a series carried out in the recent years. In 2007 a new multi-operation machine were acquired to machine valves up to DN 1600 and a few years later a new grinding machine were acquired. This year Stafsjö’s research and design department also have expanded and modernized its testing facilities to meet the demand for larger valves and products for the mining industry, Stafsjö’s fastest growing business segment. As part of Stafsjö’s lean strategy, integrated assembly and pressure testing lines are also installed. This is an important element in streamlining and optimizing the production, according to Thomas Carlson.

About the multi-operation machines
HC Nexus 6800-II from Mazak is a flexible and modular designed machining centre which will be used to machine valve bodies. It has 180 tool pockets and 12 pallets which gives flexibility, speed and minimal down time. MVC 1600 from Spinner will mainly be used to machine gates.

For photos and further information, please visit or contact us directly:

Thomas Carlson 
VD, Stafsjö Valves AB

Phone: +46 (0)11-39 31 00
Phone directly: +46 (0)11-36 75 55
Fax: +46 (0)11-39 30 67
E-mail: thomas.carlson(at)

Stafsjö expand its product range with high pressure slurry valves, the SLH and SLX

Stafsjö continues to focus on engineering and manufacturing of high pressure valves and introduces the SLH and SLX for really demanding applications with slurry and other abrasive media.

– Since the introduction of Stafsjö’s first slurry valve, the SLV, in 2009 we have come across applications requiring extreme performance requirements at really high pressures. And to win some big slurry projects we quite soon realized that we needed to have high pressure slurry valves in our product range. Now when we have it available in our product range I am really looking forward to bid on upcoming projects, says Maria Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö.

Stafsjö’s SLH is available to cope with pressures up 20 bar, while the SLX can cope with pressures as high as 50 bar. Just like Stafsjö’s other slurry valves, these two are designed to give a tight shut-off independent of pressure direction. The flow capacity is maximized with a full bore and minimal seat cavity, and at the same time stresses and wear on the equipment are minimized resulting in long service life of the valve and related process equipment.
Product features
The SLH and SLX have coated fully lugged valve bodies in nodular iron with integrated purge ports.

The reinforced seats are flexible in an axial way and seals towards each other in the bore when the valve is in open position, thus protecting internal parts and the gate from the abrasive high pressure media. Upon closure, the seats are displaced axially, forming a seal with the gate until it forms a complete closure of the bore and gives a bi-directional tight shut-off.

The seats also form a sealing face on the valve flanges saving the need for gaskets. The gate is supplied in high strength stainless steel, coated to give a hard and high wear and corrosion resistance surface. For security reason the valves are always supplied ready to be locked in either opened or closed position. The gland box, with three layers of our TwinPackTM and a box bottom scraper, gives the gate guidance during operation and makes sure that a first-rate sealing is preserved.

Both SLH and SLX have solid top works to give excellent stability during operation. In our standard collection of actuators and accessories there are several types to choose from and regardless of what was originally supplied with the valve, any exchange of actuator and/or accessories can easily be performed on the field.

Further information is available on the product pages, click here...

Stafsjö aim for high pressure applications with the HX valve

The HX valve is an extreme high pressure valve for severe operating conditions, high pressures and concentrated media within several field of applications. It is also a complement to the existing range of through-going "O" port gates, the HL, HG, HP and HPT, that have been proving for decades a really safe and reliable shut-off of static media columns, such as pulp up to 18%. 

– It is common for Stafsjö to work close with customers to understand the process requirements and to develop products suitable for the specific applications. This HX valve is a result of this. With this new HX valve we are able aim for a new spectra of applications, especially within the pulp and paper industry, and we will also be a stronger player on large scale projects with this new product in our range, says Maria Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö Valves AB.

Product features
The HX valve has excellent flow characteristics and it seal tight independent of pressure direction. It is equipped with a through-going “O” port gate that gives a secure shut-off of concentrated media at very high pressures. The HX is mainly developed for severe operating conditions with high pulp concentrations at high pressures, but it can also work in different fields with powder, slurry and ash.

The HX has a strengthened two piece valve body in stainless steel with purge ports and integrated guiding pads, but it can also be supplied in materials such as Duplex or Titanium. Just like several other Stafsjö valves, the HX comes with the retainer ring system that mechanically hold the seat on place which also makes it really easy to maintain – thus achieving low life cycle cost. The gland box system is also strengthened to withstand a tight sealing towards the environment. 

The valve is modular designed and can easily be customized with gate, seats and box packings according to media and requirements, as well for actuators and accessories.

Sealing principle
When the valve is fully open the bore is free from cavities and the flow characteristic is excellent. In this position the two seats are protected by the retainer rings and the gate, preventing media from entering the valve body.

When the valve is operated from opened to closed position, the valve body, gland boxes and the seats gives the gate continuous support for reliable and secure shut-off. Internal guiding pads make this operation smooth and easy. When the valve closes some media can enter the valve body, but it is returned to pipe line when the valve is operated to open position. Stafsjö’s unique gland box packing system with TwinPack™ and extra scrapers gives a secure sealing where the gate exit the valve body and assures that no media reaches surrounding environment.

Further information is available on the product pages, click here...


Stafsjö’s MP – the eighth knife gate valve generation

In 1928 our knife gate valve manufacturing started in close co-operation with nearby pulp and paper mills. Now it is time for the eighth knife gate valve generation, the MP, which is a result of market driven requirements and experienced engineering throughout the years. Stafsjö has introduced one new knife gate valve every year now the last three years. 2009 we introduced the slurry valve SLV, primarily for the mining business. 2010 we introduced our HL, a slim line version of our HG valve with through-going gate, and now 2011 the MP.

– We are proud to announce Stafsjö’s latest development for the Pulp & Paper Industry. The MP valve represents the new generation of shut-off valves which fully corresponds to today’s market demands such as bi-directionality, full bore and minimum maintenance, says Thomas Carlson, CEO of Stafsjö.

Product features
The MP is a bi-directional full bore valve which together with its special shut-off design makes it suitable for many different applications – it is a true Multi Purpose valve.

MP has a one piece body design in stainless steel. For operation reliability in applications with corrosive or clogging media the valve body comes with integrated purge ports as standard. The MP is also supplied with Stafsjö’s retainer ring system which can be combined with several seat materials and this makes it easy to optimize the valve to specific process conditions. It also offers smooth and cost-efficient maintenance. The valve has a gate support and casted bottom support cams to obtain bi-directional sealing. The gate support is available in different materials.

The top work consists of aluminium beams and stainless steel tie rods which gives good corrosion resistance and stability at maneuvering. Several actuator types are available to choose from as standard as well as accessories.  All remote operated valves are supplied with gate guards in stainless steel.

Sealing principle
When the valve is operated from open to closed position, the gate effectively cuts through the media. This is facilitated by the inner cavity of the valve body and the bevel edged gate. In closed position the gate is pushed against the seat and the gate support ensure a bi-directional sealing together with the bottom support cams that stabilizes the gate.

The gland box is equipped with three layers of our TwinPack and a box bottom scraper, which gives high operation reliability and prevent the media from reaching surrounding environment.

Further information on the valve is available on the product pages, click here...