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Stafsjö introduce LINAK

Linak’s electric actuator is a compact maintenance free unit for on/off operations with a speed 7-11 mm/sec. It is available as standard in a 24 V DC version but it can also work on 230 V AC or 120 V AC if it is supplied with a control unit/transformer. The actuator unit features a solid stainless steel structure holding the actuator in excactly correct position during operation. It can be supplied on Stafsjö’s WB11, WB14, WB14E and MV knife gate valves from DN 50 (2”) up to DN 300 (12”).

Further information is available in the product data sheet... or on the product page...

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A new standard is on its way – the SC cylinder

During first and second quarter 2018 Stafsjö will introduce a new double-acting pneumatic cylinder manufactured by our collegues at Ebro Armaturen. It is a solid construction designed for tough knife gate applications available from 100 mm (4”) up to 320 mm (12.6”) bore diameter. The interface to valve adapter and gate clevis is the same as for the EC cylinder.

The SC cylinder has a hard anodized aluminium barrel with coated aluminium caps, hold strongly together by stainless steel tie rods to enable a long-term linear operation independent of position. The SC also include several internal and extended precision supports to further guarantee the linear stroke. A piston rod wiper in bottom end cap ensure that no material enter the cylinder.

The supply pressure for the cylinder should be max 10 bar and the compressed air should be dry or slightly oil misted. Temperature range for the actuator is -30 to +100 °C.

The SC cylinder is CE marked and also approved for use in EX areas according directive 2014/34/EU Group II category 2G/2D (zone 1 or 21).

Further information on the SC cylinder is available in the product data sheet, available to download from this page:

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From the entire Stafsjö team

Do you need a reliable bi-directional tight shut-off valve for highly concentrated media and static media columns?

Stafsjö’s HG and high pressure version HX features excellent flow characteristics and offers a really safe and reliable bi-directional tight shut-off on highly concentrated media and static media columns. This shut-off performance makes them especially suitable for severe services including pulp stock (pulp concentration <18%), liquor, reject, powder, ash and highly concentrated slurry. Read more and check out the new video on

New Managing Director for expansive Stafsjö

Stafsjö is well positioned for growth. The company is fully focused on an expansive period with Maria Persson as the leader.  With years of experience as Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö, she now takes full leadership with a profound understanding of its strengths, capacity and capabilities.

Maria Persson’s appointment as Managing Director gives her the unique distinction of being the first woman to hold the role in the company’s 350-year history.

- It is not something I have reflected upon. It is a fact that we have a very good owner who has really invested in us. We have one of the most modern workshops in Södermanlands county from which we are well positioned and equipped to deliver. 

Maria Persson steps into the role after nine successful years as Sales and Marketing Director. During the years’ the product portfolio has grown heavily. Today, Stafsjö can offer knife gate valves for a number of applications within sectors such as the pulp and paper, food and beverage, mining and mineral processing, power generation and water treatment, to name a few. Customers can be found all over the world.

- My guiding principle has been to maintain an understanding of the market and to work closely with the customers. We will continue to fight for every order and to guarantee the supply on time. I will focus on the organisation of our production and also to strengthen our different teams.

While Stafsjö is today a modern industrial enterprise it has a history dating back several centuries. With 1666 written on the wall, it is one of Sweden’s oldest companies still in operation. Since the Bröer family stepped in as owners in 2005, around SEK 80 million has been invested in the workshop premises. Not only have the business been secured, turnover has increased by 40 percent. Now it is time to take the business to the next level. 

- With Maria we have secured our DNA. We got continuity and also a competent force with capacity to take the next step. Within five years, we will see turnover exceeding SEK 200 million, says Chairman of the Management Board, Conny Petersson.

- Flexibility and on time deliveries are the key for success. The winners of the future are those who can deliver and customize their products fastest and most efficient. We are well prepared. Recent investments in the machinery will soon be running and the personnel are already in place, says Conny Petersson.

The incoming Managing Director, Maria Persson, likes the challenge and spirit at Stafsjö. It is a small, tight-knit group capable to provide solutions to great challenges. Not just knife gate valves of gigantic dimensions destined for tough process environments on the other side of the globe, but also local customer projects with complex solutions and high volume production for large scale projects. 

Maria follows Thomas Carlson who, after 28 years at Stafsjö, ten thereof as President, will start as CEO at the Candor Group in Norrköping. The new Sales Director at Stafsjö is Andreas Johansson and Johan Magnusson enters the role as Director of Marketing and Communications, both with long experience from Stafsjö.

If you wish to conduct your own interview with Stafsjö’s new Managing Director Maria Persson, take advantage of contacting here directly and arrange an appointment.

Maria is available on +46 11 36 75 72,

Further information and other questions, please feel free to contact:

Johan Magnusson

Phone: +46 (0)11-39 31 00
Direct: +46 (0)11-36 75 74
Cell: +46 (0)70-5 75 32 55

Further information

Press release in English (pdf)

Press release in Swedish (pdf)

High resolute TIFF picture of Maria as above


Tough specification demands behind record-breaking valve

China is not only a huge and important market, it is also hold an industry requiring large components. Stafsjö were consulted with a challenge, which one solved and qualified Stafsjö into the group of suppliers to one of the world’s largest pulp and paper mills. “We are breaking new ground” says Stafsjö’s KAM Pulp and Paper in China Su Chuansheng.

The blow tank tower is 32 meters high and the pressure is obviously very high. The bottom valve should be able to hold this tight and to operate through highly concentrated pulp. The environment is aggressive and exposed. 

– This was a demanding project, explains Su Chuansheng.

– There was no knife gate valve in such a large dimension for a duty like this, as far as we know. We went through the whole process together with the end customer and machine supplier and made some detailed calculations. The outcome was a success, adds Su.

The end customer is a giant within the Chinese business world and one of the largest producers within the pulp and paper industry. Their catalogue of demands is clear. Growth and productivity are in focus, but not at the expense of economic, social and environmental sustainable values. It wants to be a model playing a leading role in the industry.

To achieve near-zero emission rates and minimize consumption of resources, the pulp producer carefully selects its technical solutions.  High quality at a reasonable price. To meet this challenge, Stafsjö was forced to make every effort. The result was one of the largest valves in the company’s history, tailored to meet requirements from the customer.

–The valves have gradually increased in size over the last years. It was not so long ago that we manufactured a couple of DN 1200 (48”) valves. Then we made some DN 1400 (56”) for Brazil and now we have built a DN 1600 (64”) valve. But then again, we have the competence and expertise amongst our design engineers and a strong team in the workshop, says Marcelo Alvarez, Product Manager for Stafsjö in China. 

So it was a ’real piece’ – a customized MV valve – that left Stafsjö’s factory for its eastward bound train journey. Back in China, work is now underway to deal with new enquiries and projects.  

Stafsjö is a strong and well-known knife gate brand in China. With an office in the country for over twenty years, it is easier to monitor market demands and there are still many sectors with a strong growth. With this reference, the company will be able to further strengthen its position within Pulp and Paper industry.

– We have the skills and experience which allows customers to consult with us to find the adaptations for various processes. Our strength is also that we keep delivery times, even if they are tight sometimes, says Su.

Further information
Please feel free to contact Stafsjö on or on +46 11 39 31 00 for any questions on valve solutions for the Pulp and Paper industry.

If you are you interested in the knife gate solutions for pulp related processes in China, please feel free to contact our sister company Ebro Armaturen:

Su Chuansheng, KAM Pulp and Paper, 

A Stafsjö team hit the road for a maintenance job

Long life cycle service is achieved by high quality products and by correct performed maintenance. With original spare parts and Stafsjö know-how you can rely on the work and it will be professionally and cost-efficient performed, and on time. 

One of Stafsjö’s Pulp and Paper customer in Sweden, Domsjö Fabriker, recently decided to order a maintenance order from Stafsjö of 44 pcs. HG valves from DN 150 up to DN 250. Tomorrow this Stafsjö team will go 700 km up north to start up the job.

Contacts us on with your enquiry if you also like to have your Stafsjö valves maintained with original spare parts and by our Stafsjö expertise. 

High performance, heavy duty and high pressure – watch how Stafsjö’s slurry valves works!

The video that covers our SLV, SLF and SLX valves is now published on the product pages, see and The video is also published on Vimeo ( and on YouTube (


New high strength top works execution on the WB valve range up to DN 600/24"

The coated steel beams supplied earlier on the WB range (WB, WB11, WB12 and WB14) up to DN 600/24" have been replaced by Stafsjö’s high strength top works with stainless steel tie rods encapsulated inside structural aluminum beams together with stainless steel gate guards on remote operated valves. This new standard execution offers great corrosion resistance and a precise gate alignment independent of valve position. 

Further information on the valves is available on