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Status update from Stafsjö concerning Covid-19 virus

The Covid-19 virus creates questions and concerns in several different businesses and industries. And also in ours. At Stafsjö we are taking comprehensive far-reaching preventive measures throughout our organization to minimize the risk for disease. We follow the recommendations from Public Health Agency of Sweden and directives from our owners Ebro Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH. 


Stafsjö Original Service

Stafsjö expand its offering with a service concept for maintenance shut-downs or with the repair of older knife gates in Stafsjö's own workshop.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves got a proven track record worldwide for decades. Nothing is left to chance. The valves are manufactured to perform during long periods of time, but the process media is often very abrasive and tear on the valve components. It is important to maintain them on a regular basis to make sure they perform and provide a tight sealing in the long run. 

- It's all about ensuring a reliable and predictable production at our customers. Our valves often represent a small component in a large hub of machine equipment, but it is extremely important our valves do their job when it is requirred to not affect production and related process equipment. Therefore, I’m very pleased beeing able to offer our customers not only new products but also service and maintenance work to uphold the Stafsjö valve performance in the long run, says Anders Johansson, Sales Director at Stafsjö.

Stafsjö Original is the benchmark for the service, which primarily target the Swedish market. First out was Domsjö in Örnsköldsvik in 2016, where four experienced assembly workers from Stafsjö refurbished 44 pcs HG valves during the autumn shutdown. Since then, the service concept has been established. Although it has been done modestly, Stafsjö has now visited several customers around the country for various service assignments. Valves taken out of service, nowdays regularly arrive to Stafsjö's workshop for service and upgrading.

- I find great appreciation among our customers who have used our services so far. "Stafsjö Original" simply adds the little extra to it. And it feels really good to be able to deliver reliability throughout the products’ entire life cycle. Our highly skilled employees knows our products very well and we have a broad portfolio of adaptations at hand to meet customer-specific requirements and processes. It is also adds an extra dimension for our personnel who will come into the environment where our products operate and can, with their experience, serve the valves in the best way, says Andreas.

Please contact us at or +46 11 39 31 00 if you want to know how we can support your production unit.



Stafsjö är inne i en kraftig tillväxtfas och våra kunder behöver leveranser året runt. Därför söker vi nu flertalet sommarjobbare till vår produktion, utvecklings- och säljavdelning.

Stafsjö utvecklar och tillverkar högpresterande skjutspjällsventiler för säker och långvarig användning i krävande industriella processer över hela världen. Vi tillhör den tyska koncernen Ebro Armaturen som utvecklar och tillverkar vridspjällsventiler med huvudkontor i Hagen.

Vi på Stafsjö har egen produktutveckling, tillverkning och försäljning vilket gör oss väldigt flexibla att anpassa oss efter kundernas behov. Omsättningen är idag ca 200 MSEK och vi har kunder i alla världsdelar. Vi är knappt 80 anställda varav ca 45 inom produktion.

Vi erbjuder längre sommarjobb, från mitten av juni t o m mitten av augusti, på förrådet, montaget, packen, utvecklings- eller säljavdelningen. För att jobba i vår verkstad och förråd krävs att du är minst 18 år. Vi ser gärna att du har ”meckarvana” om du är intresserad av att jobba i vårt montage. Har du truckkort är det meriterande.

För dig som vill sommarjobba på utvecklingsavdelningen ser vi gärna att du har ett stort intresse för teknik, grundläggande cad-kunskaper och är nyfiken. Under sommaren kommer du framförallt att stödja våra marknads- och säljfunktioner när det gäller att ta fram kundspecifika underlag och nya konstruktioner. Du arbetar tillsammans med erfarna konstruktörer och med moderna CAD-verktyg. Jobbet passar dig som studerar, är teknikintresserad och som i framtiden vill arbeta som mekanikkonstruktör.  

Till vår säljavdelning söker vi dig som vill stötta upp säljorganisationen under en period i sommar. Du kommer framförallt registrera order och till viss del även hantera förfrågningar. En stor del av kommunikationen sker på engelska varför det är avgörande att du känner dig trygg och bekväm med att tala och framför allt skriva på engelska. Du kan vara nyutexaminerad eller mitt uppe i dina studier. Jobbet passar dig som vill prova på att arbeta i en internationell säljorganisation.

Vi erbjuder ett begränsat antal platser. Arbetstiden är dagtid. Är du intresserad så skicka in din ansökan på

Stafsjö close to attaining its 100 % on-time delivery vision

During the past 12 months, Stafsjö has focused on improving its delivery performance. Since the beginning of the year, 98 % of orders have been delivered on the confirmed date. We have set a new standard, says Maria Persson, Managing Director at Stafsjö. 

– The response from our customers has been fantastic. We do have a strong brand and recognized good products. We are associated with high quality. We want to continue to grow and realized it was necessary to improve our delivery performance to retain customers and win new ones. So we have focused on doing our very best to deliver every order on time, says Maria Persson.

The company experienced strong growth during 2018 mainly due to large projects at the end of the year. In 2019, Stafsjö have had a more versatile sales and it has been more evenly distributed over the year. During 2019 Stafsjö have focused on improving and securing the delivery precision. The manufacturing process plans are measured, not only at the end, but at all steps from placing purchasing orders for material, through on-time delivery of incoming material, machining, assembly and delivery to customer.

– We ensure now that each step of the way is following the plan. When one job commences on time, other consecutive jobs in the process are enabled to do the same. If we lose time in an earlier step we have to take measures to re-capture this in the later stages, says Maria.

Stafsjö has daily morning meetings with all functional managers and planners where the status for all work orders of previous day is reported as well as reasons for late orders along with suggested actions to recapture. By having all functions present fast decisions can be taken when the information is shared. Deviations to processes or material failures are also reported for short and long term corrective actions to continuously improve the operations and products.  

– We now have a completely different overview and focus. Every time our customers do business with Stafsjö they place their trust in us which we have to cherish and respond to. We want to secure and safeguard our customers production. We can do this by delivering on time at the agreed date, emphasizes Maria.

She already envisages the next steps and objectives that lie ahead. Namely, to refine and stabilize stages in the process and improve the efficiency and productivity. She recognises that many people within the organisation have made every effort to ensure this working method. During the next year reliability in delivery will become sustainable in the long run to ensure further growth and trust among the customers worldwide.

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Stafsjö introduce FEPM seat for high temp and chemical services

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new rubber valve seat compound FEPM to WB11, WB14 and specifically to the full stainless steel high performance WB14E. Initially we release it for DN 80/3” - DN 300/12” except for DN 125/5”.

The FEPM seat material has excellent resistance to wide range of aggressive chemicals, both acids and bases, and steam at high continuous service temperatures within -10 °C/14 °F up to 180°C/356 °F including short term peeks up to + 225 °C/437 °F. The compression set resistance at these high temperatures is superior to other standard rubber materials, but it is limited in low temperature applications. Function tests shows that the FEPM material can give the sealing system considerably longer life time compared to standard rubber compounds. This makes the FEPM seat suitable for severe applications where you need a long-lasting performance and a tight shut-off.

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Stafsjö introduce a new hydraulic cylinder to its modular actuator range

This hydraulic cylinder is supplied by the Swedish manufacturer Ceson. It is a 200 bar rated cylinder supplied with stroke length, piston rod and ISO 5210 attachment customized for Stafsjö’s knife gate valves. Any rebuild of existing Stafsjö valves can easilly be performed on the field thanks to Stafsjö's modular actuator concept. 

The hydraulic cylinder can be supplied with Ø 32 mm up to 200 mm barrel with stroke lengths up to 1500 mm. It is coated in black RAL 9005 to fulfill the requirements of EN ISO 12944
class C3. It can operate in temperatures ranges from -20 °C to +80 °C.

 Other colours, coating systems, materials and special editions on request. Further information on hydraulic cylinder is available in the product data sheet: act-HC_EN



New Product Manager at Stafsjö

Oskar Rüdow has been appointed as our new Product Manager at Stafsjö as of June 1. He will also continue as our Engineering Manager. Oskar replaces Leif Jonsson who retired yesterday after 21 years with the company.

"In my position I will continue to rationalize our program to support our growth strategy, says Oskar. Our Engineering team will also continue to further develop our solution oriented product strategy and to dig deeper within our core business segments:

- Pulp and paper
- Water, waste water and biomass
- Mining and minerals
- Food and beverage
- Power
- Offshore

I want Stafsjö to be the global technology leader on the knife gate arena, acting responsively when requirements arrise from our customers. We have such a great knife gate range, a first rate manufacturing plant and a comitted team to bring out our solutions to our customers. I'm up for it", sumurizes Oskar. 

If you have any ideas or requirements you are always welcome to contact Oskar on

Stafsjö support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

In the 1970s, a minority of children diagnosed with cancer survived. These days over 80% do. But that’s not enough. Childhood cancer is still the most common cause of death in the ages 1–14. At Stafsjö we want to support their work to eradicate childhood cancer. If you also like to súpport, feel free to do so on

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Stafsjö introduce LINAK

Linak’s electric actuator is a compact maintenance free unit for on/off operations with a speed 7-11 mm/sec. It is available as standard in a 24 V DC version but it can also work on 230 V AC or 120 V AC if it is supplied with a control unit/transformer. The actuator unit features a solid stainless steel structure holding the actuator in excactly correct position during operation. It can be supplied on Stafsjö’s WB11, WB14, WB14E and MV knife gate valves from DN 50 (2”) up to DN 300 (12”).

Further information is available in the product data sheet... or on the product page...

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