Stafsjö expand in Australia, South and North America with the new WB14E

After extensive collection of customer input converted into product features by a dedicated engineering team with a strong focus on quality in every detail and later first rate manufacturing, the high performance WB14E knife gate valves are now on its way to the market. Stafsjö’s WB14E is a high performance shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics, offering bi-directional zero leakage shut-off up to 150 psi/10 bar up to 24” (DN 600). It is suitable for media such as pulp stock, chemicals, slurry, sludge, bio mass and water.

During the past years Stafsjö has invested significantly in development of new products in order to expand the business into new field of applications. A strong focus has also been to extend the product range and to customize solutions in order to meet new and challenging process demands from markets and applications Stafsjö historically has worked with for a long time, such as the pulp and paper segment.  The new WB14E knife gate valve will strengthen our position on some target markets, applications and helps us grow into new segments as well.

– We have seen a strong demand from especially the North American and Australian markets for WB14E – a high performance fully lugged shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics offering bi-directional tight shut-off. As one of the pioneers and still leading brand in knife gate solutions we wanted to strengthen our position on the target markets and further establish ourselves as a trusted partner to segments like pulp and paper, mining and mineral processing, water and waste water handling and power plus various other process industries with a need for a valve offering reliable and zero leakage shut-off. With over 100 years experience of valve manufacturing and more than a million valves installed worldwide we are confident this WB14E will also provide reliability to our customers process systems with a competitive cost of ownership, says Maria Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö.

For further technical information on the valve, please visit the WB14E product page here on where you will find all relevant documentation and the new video. 

For an enquiry please contact one of our sales partners around the world, available here… You are also welcome to contact us directly on or on +46 11 39 31 00.

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