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    Superior flow characteristics
    Bi-directional zero leakage shut-off
    First-rate external sealing
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    Optimize your process with the
    high performance WB14E

Knife gate valve WB14E

Stafsjö’s WB14E knife gate valve is a high performance shut-off valve with superior flow characteristics, offering bi-directional zero leakage shut-off up to 150 psi/10 bar. It is suitable for media such as pulp stock, chemicals, sludge, bio mass, slurry and water. The fully lugged body design is suitable for dead-end services.

The WB14E is supplied with stainless steel wetted parts including the fully lugged valve body, highly polished gate and gland. Stafsjö’s gland box system with TwinPack braids and extra PTFE scrapers ensures that no media reaches the surrounding environment. A smooth cycling and a tight shut-off independent of valve position is achieved by the high strength top works that provide an essential alignment for the gate. It utilizes stainless steel tie rods encapsulated inside the structural beams.

Stafsjö’s fully modular concept is also applied on this WB14E which makes it easy to equip with manual as well as automatic actuators and related automation accessories. The valve is also available with mechanical lock out.

Further information is available in the product data sheet.



Full bore with superior flow characteristics

The cavity free bore (1) prevent any build up of media during operation. The highly polished gate (2) with the dual bevel edge and reduced gate profile make it easy for the gate to cut through the media. The design also prevent media from wedging between the gate and body as the valve closes. 

Bi-directional zero leakage shut-off

Gate guides (3) support the gate through the entire range of travel. In bottom of the guides, the relief areas (4) promote a self-cleaning, flushing action as the gate moves into the final stage of closure. The perimeter resilient seat provides tight shut-off in both directions. The seat is also reinforced with a stainless steel core (5) to enhance durability.

A first rate external sealing

The box bottom scraper (6) scrapes the gate clean, while Stafsjö’s TwinPack (7) perform the main sealing function. An optional top scraper (8) fully encapsulate the gland box system and the gland (9) ensure an even distribution. The gland also features linear locks (10) that securely hold the seat in position as the gate strokes. The flexible profile (11) on the outside surface of the seat energizes sealing while reducing friction and providing longer cycle life.

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