Stafsjö invest in increased capacity

Stafsjö, a company in the German Bröer Group, has recently made substantial investments to increase capacity and raise production efficiency. The investment, that amounts to 2,3 M EUR, includes among others two new multi-operation machines, three new assembly and pressure testing lines and a new testing facility for product development and R&D.

– Now we have the opportunity to increase our capacity, to be even more flexible than we are today and above all to meet the increasing demand of our products. This and other investments during the past years, clearly states that our owner, the German family owned company Bröer Group, truly believe in our strategy and on a long-term ownership, says Thomas Carlson President/CEO at Stafsjö.

The investment in the two new machining centers is only one in a series carried out in the recent years. In 2007 a new multi-operation machine were acquired to machine valves up to DN 1600 and a few years later a new grinding machine were acquired. This year Stafsjö’s research and design department also have expanded and modernized its testing facilities to meet the demand for larger valves and products for the mining industry, Stafsjö’s fastest growing business segment. As part of Stafsjö’s lean strategy, integrated assembly and pressure testing lines are also installed. This is an important element in streamlining and optimizing the production, according to Thomas Carlson.

About the multi-operation machines
HC Nexus 6800-II from Mazak is a flexible and modular designed machining centre which will be used to machine valve bodies. It has 180 tool pockets and 12 pallets which gives flexibility, speed and minimal down time. MVC 1600 from Spinner will mainly be used to machine gates.

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