Stafsjö expand its product range with slurry valves for mining and mineral processing

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves SLV and SLF are developed for slurry and abrasive applications where operation reliability and low life cycle cost are emphasized. The SLV is a lugged version while the SLF is fully flanged and especially suitable on old non-centred pipes or low pressure applications. 

The valves are a result of a long-term and customer oriented product development. Our profound knowledge of knife gate valve technology together with pioneering design and material selection form the foundation for this product.

– This latest product development is a clear signal and shows our intentions to the market. In our growth strategy our primary focus lays on expansion into other business segments than we traditionally have served. I am convinced that both the SLV and SLF will further strengthen our range of knife gate valves and help us in achieving profitable growth, says Thomas Carlson, CEO of Stafsjö.

Product features

The SLV valve is bi-directional and has full bore for maximum flow capacity. It is modular designed and consist of a compact epoxy coated one or two piece valve body in cast iron. The top work can easily be provided with different actuators and accessories. The valve can also be customized with hard chromed gates in different alloy and its unique seat construction guarantees excellent operation together with abrasive media.

Sealing principle

The valve’s seats are developed for long-life service in applications with slurry. The seat and its material composition together with embedded reinforcement rings guarantee safe operation during tough operating conditions.

The seats are flexible in the axial way. When the valve is fully opened the seats expand and seals towards each other thus forming a tight extension of the pipe line where only the seats are exposed to the media. Minimal seat cavity prevents accumulation of media in the bore. 

The suspension of the seats in combination with the unique shape of the gate plus the internal gate support minimizes wear on the seat during actuation. When the valve is closed, the seats are compressed and seals efficiently towards the gate in both pressure directions. Residues will be droped out either through the bottom of the valve or through the purge ports when the bottom cover is mounted.

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