Stafsjö expand its product range with high pressure slurry valves, the SLH and SLX

Stafsjö continues to focus on engineering and manufacturing of high pressure valves and introduces the SLH and SLX for really demanding applications with slurry and other abrasive media.

– Since the introduction of Stafsjö’s first slurry valve, the SLV, in 2009 we have come across applications requiring extreme performance requirements at really high pressures. And to win some big slurry projects we quite soon realized that we needed to have high pressure slurry valves in our product range. Now when we have it available in our product range I am really looking forward to bid on upcoming projects, says Maria Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at Stafsjö.

Stafsjö’s SLH is available to cope with pressures up 20 bar, while the SLX can cope with pressures as high as 50 bar. Just like Stafsjö’s other slurry valves, these two are designed to give a tight shut-off independent of pressure direction. The flow capacity is maximized with a full bore and minimal seat cavity, and at the same time stresses and wear on the equipment are minimized resulting in long service life of the valve and related process equipment.

Product features

The SLH and SLX have coated fully lugged valve bodies in nodular iron with integrated purge ports.

The reinforced seats are flexible in an axial way and seals towards each other in the bore when the valve is in open position, thus protecting internal parts and the gate from the abrasive high pressure media. Upon closure, the seats are displaced axially, forming a seal with the gate until it forms a complete closure of the bore and gives a bi-directional tight shut-off.

The seats also form a sealing face on the valve flanges saving the need for gaskets. The gate is supplied in high strength stainless steel, coated to give a hard and high wear and corrosion resistance surface. For security reason the valves are always supplied ready to be locked in either opened or closed position. The gland box, with three layers of our TwinPackTM and a box bottom scraper, gives the gate guidance during operation and makes sure that a first-rate sealing is preserved.

Both SLH and SLX have solid top works to give excellent stability during operation. In our standard collection of actuators and accessories there are several types to choose from and regardless of what was originally supplied with the valve, any exchange of actuator and/or accessories can easily be performed on the field.

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