Stafsjö 350 years – from royal cannons to a world leading knife gate valve manufacturer

It all started out with manufacturing of cannons and it became a nearly 200 year long tradition (1666-1859). Today Stafsjö is a globally leading supplier of knife gate solutions for shut-off and flow control within the process industry. We have over 1 million valves installed worldwide. Major players in pulp and paper, mining, power and water utilities depend our valve solutions reliability and performance every minute, every day, year after year.

Already in 1881 the first valve was manufactured at Stafsjö – a gate valve. The manufacturing of knife gate valves started in 1928 in close co-operation with the near-by pulp and paper mills. The first knife gate valve came with a bottom pocket (draining pocket) and pretty soon thereafter a model came without bottom pocket. The name for these valves was Pulp Valve and they were available in sizes DN 80 up to DN 500. A control valve was also developed.

During the first manufacturing years the valve came in cast iron. In mid 1930’s, valve parts such as valve body, gate and gland were available in acid-proof metal (bronze). On request, valves in acid-proof steel were also available.

Leveraging on this long experience of tight shut-off valves for full flow applications we continue to focus our development team to push this technology as far as possible. And through our sister company Ebro Armaturen and external sales partners, we are able to provide fast deliveries, high quality service and support to local markets worldwide.

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