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    The most reliable knife gate range for highly
    concentrated media and static media columns
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    DN 80 - DN 1200 (3” - 48”)

Knife gate valves HL and HG

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves HL and HG have excellent flow characteristics and gives a bi-directional tight sealing. They are equipped with through-going "O" port gates and this secure a really safe and reliable shut-off of static and highly concentrated media. This shut-off performance, along with its flow characteristics, makes them suitable for severe operating conditions with media as pulp (pulp concentration <18%), liquor, reject, powder, ash and highly concentrated slurry.

The HL and HG are two out of five valves in Stafsjö's product range with through-going gates. The HG represent the standard version while the HL is a slim line version of HG available in larger sizes and the HP is a high pressure version of HG. HPT is a high pressure version entirely made in Titanium and finally the HX is an extreme high pressure version.

The valves are all modular designed and they can easily be customized with gate, seats and box packings according to media and requirements, as well for actuators and accessories.

The HG valve is avilable from DN 80 - DN 1200 (3” to 48”) and the HL from DN 400 up to DN 800 (16" to 32". Further information is available in the product data sheets. 


Full bore with outstanding flow characteristics

While the valve is in open position you have an unobstructed flow path where no media can collect. The PTFE seats (1) are protected by the gate (2) and retainer rings (3) and the internal back-up o-rings (4) keep the seats constantly pressurized against the gate. 

Reliable through-going and bi-directional zero leakage shut-off

The gate is guided throughout the entire stroke and operates smoothly through diffi-cult and highly concentrated media. The retainer ring system (5) on both side of the gate provide a tight seal independent of pressure direction. The gland box sealing system with three layers of Stafsjö’s Twin-Pack (6) ensures that no media reaches surrounding environment. Extra scrapers or double gland can be used for the most demanding services. 

The retainer ring system extend service life and makes it easy to process customize the valve

The retainer rings (7) hold the seats (8) and the back-up o-rings (9) in exact correct position as the gate strokes. They are mechanically locked and can easily be removed for seat change. Both the retainer rings and seats are available in different materials which makes it easy to customize the valve to different process conditions.

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