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    DN 80 - DN 1000 (3” - 40”)
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    Bi-directional tight with good flow characteristics

Knife gate valve XV

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve XV gives a secure and tight shut-off, independent of pressure direction. The valve has good flow characteristics and can be used in applications with pulp, biomass and sludge, and the Polyurethane seated version further extend its field of applications to abrasive media.

The XV valve is supplied with valve body fully lugged or semi lugged in stainless steel. The valve comes with the retainer ring system on both sides of the gate, which makes it independent of pressure direction and very easy to maintain. In spite of its relatively low weight and compact design the valve is able to cope with high bi-directional pressures.

The XV valve is available in size ranging from DN 80 up to DN 1000 (3” to 40”).

Futher information is available in the product data sheet.



Double retainer ring system makes it bi-directional tight

The retainer ring system on both sides of the gate makes it independent of pressure direction and it also offers simple on-site maintenance.

Self-cleansing function

The gate and the bump in the invert of the valve raise the speed of the media upon closure, forcing the media out of the valve and into the pipe. The valve cleans itself each time it closes.

A first-rate sealing

A gland box supplied with three layers of our TwinPack, which is specially developed and made for Stafsjö’s valves, and a box bottom scraper, secures that no media reaches the surrounding environment.

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