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    Introduced in 1928,
    the MV valve is the seventh
    generation step-by-step upgraded to match
    constant changing demand and process requirements.
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    DN 50 - DN 1600 (2” - 64”)

Knife gate valve MV

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV can be used within a wide range of applications on both dry and wet media such as pulp stock up to 7% concentrations, sludge, slurry, biomass, water, ash, granulate and different kinds of waste.

The MV valve is modular designed and it can easily be customized in materials, with actuators and related automation accessories to different process conditions. As standard it is available in a stainless steel version and one in nodular iron, but it can also be supplied in a range of high alloy materials such as Duplex and 254 SMO. Stafsjö’s retainer ring system offers great flexibility and several seat material options. Up to DN 800 the MV holds a one piece valve body and from DN 900 it features a rigid two piece version.

Stafsjö’s gland box system with TwinPack braids ensures that no media reaches the surrounding environment. It can also be reinforced with a box bottom scraper or with a double gland for the most demanding applications.

The MV valve is available in size ranging from DN 50 up to DN 1600 (2” to 64”).

Futher information is available in the product data sheet.


Reliable and tight shut-off

Ideal internal clearances lowers the friction and make it easy for the beveled edge gate (1) to cut through both fluids and dry media. When the gate reaches its final stage of closure it stops on the cast and precision machined body cams (2). The gate is pushed against the seat (3) and provide a uni-directional tight shut-off. Several smaller valve sizes are also capable of sealing to some reverse flow as standard due to the machined body cams.

The retainer ring system makes it easy to process customize MV

The retainer ring (4) hold the seat (5) in exact correct position as the gate strokes. It is mechanically locked and it can easily be removed for seat change. Both the retainer ring and seat is available in several different materials which makes it easy to customize MV to different process conditions.

High strength top works

Smooth cycling and a tight shut-off independent of valve position is achieved by the high strength top works that provide an essential alignment for the gate. It utilizes stainless steel tie rods (6) encapsulated inside the structural beams (7). Stafsjö assemble stainless steel gate guards (8) as standard on all automated valves.

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