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    WB and WB11
    DN 50 - DN 1600 (2” - 64”)
    Fully lugged WB14
    DN 50 - DN 600 (2” - 24”)
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    Full bore with superior flow characteristics

Knife gate valves WB, WB11, WB12 & WB14

These valves are all bi-directional and can therefore be installed into pipe systems independent of pressure direction. Full bore and excellent flow characteristics makes them suitable for fluids, sludge and liquids with solids in suspensions such as water, sewage and bio mass.

The valves are supplied with coated valve bodies in nodular iron semi lugged (WB, WB11) or fully lugged (WB14). Integrated flange gaskets up to DN 600 make it easy to install the valves and the fully lugged version also allows end-of-pipe installations. 

Today the WB range also features Stafsjö’s high strength top works up to DN 600 with stainless steel tie rods encapsulated inside structural beams together with stainless steel gate guards on remote operated valves. This new standard execution offers great corrosion resistance and a precise gate alignment independent of valve position. 

Available sizes 
WB11: semi lugged from DN 50 up to DN 300 (2" to 10")
WB: semi lugged from DN 350 up to DN 1600  (12” to 64”)
WB11k: semi lugged with additional tapped holes for square flange connection in DN 150-DN 200 (6” to 8”)
WB12: square fully flanged valve body from DN 150 up to DN 200 (6” to 8”)
WB14: fully lugged from DN 50 up to DN 600 (2” to 24”)

Further information is available in the product data sheets.


Reliable bi-directional sealing

​The gate is supported by the valve body to withstand bi-directional pressures and the gate edge is polished in order to lower the operational force. The sealing profile is strengthened with a steel core to secure it will stay in shape and position over time. 

Excellent flow characteristics

A straight full bore with a sealing profile in level with bore, gives minimal pressure drop since the media can pass it practically unnoticed. 

A first-rate sealing

A gland box supplied with three layers of our TwinPack, which is specially developed and made for Stafsjö’s valves, secures that no media reaches the surrounding environment.

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