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    DN 100 - DN 600 (4” - 24”)
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    Round inlet and a larger square outlet
    and a very robust design
    makes it a reliable valve for demanding junk traps

Knife gate valve RKO

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve RKO is reliable and particularly well suited for demanding reject and other abrasive media. The valve’s circular inlet and square outlet together with the gate, that has a rectangular shape and a bevel edge, counteracts clogging and blockages, which often is a problem in combination with junk traps, coarse reject and cleaners. 

The valve is modular designed which makes it easy to customize for specific applications. It has really robust valve body which is available in stainless steel, coated cast iron or carbon steel. In order maximize the service life the valve i supplied as standard with a wear resistant hard chromed gate in duplex stainless steel. The maintenance becomes easy and cost-efficient thanks to the retainer ring system and mechanically locked and exchangeable guide strips. If needed, the valve can be supplied with an adaptor on the square side for connection to a circular pipe or flange.

The RKO is available from DN 100 up to DN 600 (4” to 24”). 

Further information is available in the product data sheets. 


Proven design for abrasive and demanding applications

Upon closure the gate cut-off the media effectively. The bore design, with a circular inlet and a larger square outlet, assures a non-clogging shut-off. 

Easy maintenance lowers the life cycle cost

The RKO can easily be maintained to extend the service life. For example, Stafsjö’s retainer ring that hold the seat in place is locked with screws just as the guide strips are, making these parts extremely easy to change if needed.

A solid top works assures stability and a preserved sealing

A stable operation and a proper dimensioned top works makes the shut-off reliable and repeatable. It also minimizes wear on the equipment.

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