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Double-acting pneumatic cylinders EC

Stafsjö’s double-acting pneumatic cylinder type EC is designed to be reliable during tough operating conditions and it is available in several sizes ranging from EC 100 up to EC 320 and larger on request.

It has a barrel in anodized aluminium and powder coated aluminium covers in order to resist corrosive environments. The cylinder can be supplied with stroke limitation, pre-installed magnetic limit switches and solenoid valve upon delivery. The supply pressure for the cylinder should be maximum 10 bar and the air should be dry or oil mist.

Further information is available in the product data sheet.


Attachment details for Stafsjö’s knife gate valves

The EC cylinder is always supplied with a valve adapter and a gate clevis set for perfect match to Stafsjö’s different knife gate valves.

Namur interface for solenoid valves

Solenoid valves can easily be installed directly onto the cylinder according the Namur interface VDI/VDE 3845. In this way the  solenoid valve-cylinder unit becomes really compact.

Magnetic indication for limit switches

Up to EC 200 the cylinder comes with a piston magnet as standard and on larger on request. The cylinder barrel has a T groove, which makes it really easy to equip it with magnetic limit switches.

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