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Double-acting pneumatic cylinder SC

Stafsjö’s standard double-acting pneumatic cylinder type SC is manufactured by Ebro Armaturen. It is a solid construction designed for tough knife gate applications available from 100 mm (4”) up to 320 mm (12.6”) bore diameter.

The SC cylinder has a hard anodized aluminium barrel with coated aluminium caps, hold strongly together by stainless steel tie rods to enable a long-term linear operation independent of position. The SC also include several internal and extended precision supports to further guarantee the linear stroke. A piston rod wiper in bottom end cap ensure that no material enter the cylinder.

The supply pressure for the cylinder should be max 10 bar and the compressed air should be dry or slightly oil misted. Temperature range for the actuator is -30 to +100 °C.

The SC cylinder is CE marked and also approved for use in EX areas according directive 2014/34/EU Group II category 2G/2D (zone 1 or 21).


Assembly kit included for Stafsjö’s knife gate valves

Stainless steel adapter (1) and gate clevis (2) kit are supplied assembled on the SC cylinder to make it easy to install on Stafsjö’s different knife gate valves.

Namur interface for direct assembly of solenoid valves

Integrated Namur interface according VDI/VDE 3845 (3) on the top cover enable direct assembly of solenoid valves which reduce piping efforts to minimum.

Prepared for magnetic limit switches up to SC200

The SC is supplied as standard with a magnetic ring on the piston and an integrated T groove (4) in the cylinder barrel up to SC200 for installation of magnetic limit switches according to ISO 15552.

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