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Stafsjö’s MP – the eighth knife gate valve generation

In 1928 our knife gate valve manufacturing started in close co-operation with nearby pulp and paper mills. Now it is time for the eighth knife gate valve generation, the MP, which is a result of market driven requirements and experienced engineering throughout the years. 


Stafsjö broaden its product range with the new HL valve

The HL knife gate valve is developed to complement our existing product range with bi-directional knife gate valves with through-going gates. The HL is designed to work under similar process conditions as the well known HG and the high pressure valve HP, but in lower pressure classes. 


Stafsjö expand its product range with slurry valves for mining and mineral processing

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves SLV and SLF are developed for slurry and abrasive applications where operation reliability and low life cycle cost are emphasized. The SLV is a lugged version while the SLF is fully flanged and especially suitable on old non-centred pipes or low pressure applications. 


Stafsjö invest in a new multi-operations machine

By June 11th 2007 Stafsjö inaugurated a new multi-operations machine (Uniport 6000) from the dutch company Unisign