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#sommarjobb2021 – väx med oss på Stafsjö


Stafsjö är inne i en tillväxtfas och våra kunder behöver leveranser året runt. Därför söker vi nu flertalet sommarjobbare till vår produktion.


Stafsjö enters into distributor agent agreement with Oriental Tech Co., Ltd. in South Korea

Oriental Tech Co


Stafsjö signs a distributor agreement with Oriental Tech Co. Ltd. in South Korea. An agent who has worked continuously with the Korean pulp and paper industry for more than 37 years, Oriental has built close relationships and strong bonds to many customers in the country south of the 38th parallel.


Stafsjö enters into distributorship agreement with Everest Automation in Canada

Everest Automation

Stafsjö plan to grow the knife gate valve sales to Canada and three strong market sectors: Pulp and Paper, Mining and Mineral processing and Water treatment. Stafsjö’s strategy is to achieve this together with their new distributor, Everest Automation who holds a strong market presence and a sales network spanning over this vast country for valves and automation.  


Greater demands calls for action

HX the story


In 2011 Stafsjö was faced with a request from a worldwide known OEM supplier with strong foundation within the Pulp and Paper Industry. They wanted a technically fast and reliable valve capable of operating within a broad range of pressures, pulp concentrations and temperatures. The development team at Stafsjö got down to work and the story of the 20 bar/300 psi rated HX began.