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    Optimize your process with
    the high performance WB14E
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    Over 100 years experience

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    High performance for all kinds of process conditions

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A globally leading supplier of knife gate valves

We develop, manufacture and distribute high performance shut-off valves for pulp lines in pulp and paper mills, mineral processing and tailing systems in the mining industry, waste/effluent water/sludge handling for utilities and industries, ash handling at power stations and many others.

Stafsjö was founded in 1666 and the production started with cannons. It became a nearly 200 year long tradition. The production of valves started already in 1881 and the first knife gate valve were introduced in 1928 for the near-by pulp and paper industry. Leveraging on this long experience of tight shut-off valves for full flow applications we continue to focus our development team to push this technology as far as possible.