Food and beverage processing

Knife gate valves used in breweries, starch processes, sugar refineries, processing of animal by-products, domestic and large scale industrial kitchen waste systems and by-products from food and beverage production are facing tough operating conditions and the valves have to comply with high quality standards.

For food processing applications, Stafsjö is able to supply valves with resilient parts which are in contact with the media approved according the FDA directive and EU 10/2011. For further information, please contact Stafsjö directly.

The MV valve is widely used within food processing and waste handling system, mostly because its ability to efficiently shut-off and to keep tight in long periods and the easiness to customize it to specific process requirements. For example in large scale vacuum based kitchen waste system, the processing system set high standard on the valve’s ability to keep tight when it is closed as well as it must efficiently cut of the difficult food waste. In this type of application, the MV valve has performed well during long periods of time.

In for example well boats, there is a need for a full bore and a smooth flow not to destroy the fishes, making the WB range really useful and widely used.


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